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Double Dutch

Double Dutch Festival Double Dutch Street Performance by 祭 - Matsuri @ Vancouver City Centre Station


Double Dutch is team long rope skipping style uses two rope turning inside. Usually, it plays more than Three people, two of them are turning, one is jumping inside ropes. Of course they can create more than four people. Recentry, Double Dutch have been developed collaborating with Street dance and Hip Hop culture.

ダブルダッチとは2本の縄を使って行う縄跳びのスタイル。 一般的に3人以上で行い、うち2名が縄を回して1名が縄の中で跳ぶ。 もちろん4名以上での演技をすることも可能。 最近ではストリートダンス、ヒップホップカルチャーと融合し一層発展した。

[International Champion ship]

FISAC IRSF World Rope skipping Championships FISAC-IRSF World Rope Skipping Championships
double dutch contest world Double Dutch Contest World[Japan]
world Jump Rope World Jump Rope Championship[United State]
Double Dutch Contest Belgium Double Dutch Contest Belgium[Belgium]
Double Dutch Contest Hong Kong[Hong Kong]
international double dutch competition International Double Dutch Competition[France]
American Double Dutch League[USA]

[Country Championship]

USA grand national USA Grand National Jump Rope Championship[United State]
double dutch delight Double Dutch Delight[Japan]
double ductch contest Japan Double Dutch Contest Japan[Japan]
we love double dutch We Love Double Dutch[Japan]
double dutch brilliant night Double Dutch Brilliant night [Japan]
double dutch one's Double Dutch one’s [Japan]
Jump and Dance[France]


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