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Promotion Video

Tori Boggs - World Champion Jump Roper

2017/04/28   -Promotion Video

  2016/09/15 に公開 Cirque Performer & Choreographer 25-time Grand World Jump Rope Champion Mu ...

Promotion Video

Skipping Rope Artist SHOICHI KASUO 2016 縄跳びパフォーマンス【縄のまっちゃん】

2017/04/26   -Promotion Video

  2016/08/09 に公開 【Jump Rope / Skipping Rope】 Cirque du Soleil Artist SHOICHI KASUO's Performing ...

Promotion Video

ONWARD promo

2016/06/03   -Promotion Video

2016/05/30 に公開 Join us for ONWARD 2.0 this Labor Day Weekend, Sept. 2-4, 2016! info@flightcrewjumpro ...

Promotion Video

Dylan Plummer Jump Rope 2015

2016/01/04   -Promotion Video

2016/01/01 に公開 I guess that ends another amazing jump rope year!

Promotion Video

alttype LED Double Dutch Performance

2015/12/16   -Promotion Video

2015/12/13 に公開 This is alttype’s new challenge. It is LED Double Dutch Performance.

Promotion Video

Talon Talent: Graham Booth Jump Rope Champion

2015/11/19   -Promotion Video

2015/11/17 に公開

Promotion Video

The First Line NO MISS movie

2015/11/05   -Promotion Video

2015/11/03 に公開

Promotion Video

Moroccan Jump team rope skippers

2015/10/18   -Promotion Video

2015/10/17 に公開 Moroccan Jump is the first team of Double-Dutch in Morocco created in June 2014. Comp ...

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Promotion Video

Jump Rope Through Time

2015/10/04   -Promotion Video

A quick history of the sport of Jump Rope Jump Rope Through Time from John Fletcher on Vimeo.

Promotion Video

Graham Booth Jump Rope Highlights

2015/10/03   -Promotion Video

2015/09/30 に公開 This video is about Graham Booth

Promotion Video

Double Dutch Delight Japan 2015 CM

2015/09/29 に公開 NYアポロシアターで行われる「National Double Dutch League Holiday Classic」への出場権をかけた、日本最大級のダブルダッチ大会! ...

Promotion Video

Rope skipping Maroc

2015/10/01   -Promotion Video

2015/09/27 に公開 Les membres de Morrocan Jump sont les précurseurs de cette activité au Maroc, une act ...

Promotion Video

AdamJernberg Jump Rope Vines 2015

2015/10/01   -Promotion Video

2015/09/16 に公開 Some of my favorite vines from this year 🙂

Promotion Video

Hanna Bánhegyi - Best Rope Skipper in Europe!!!

2015/08/27   -Promotion Video

2015/08/27 に公開

Promotion Video

Doylestown, PA

2015/08/25   -Promotion Video

2015/08/20 に公開 WEjumpROPE members Aaron and Sam teamed up with members of teams: Tri-Force Jump Rope ...

Promotion Video

GoPro: Jump Rope Tricks

2015/08/11   -Promotion Video

2015/08/10 に公開 Shane Winsor performs a set of tricks with his handy homeade jump rope at RPM Fitness ...

Promotion Video

Jump Rope Jacks - Featured Video 3

2015/07/23   -Promotion Video

2015/07/23 に公開

Promotion Video

Jump Rope Jacks - Featured Video 2

2015/07/23   -Promotion Video

2015/07/23 に公開

Promotion Video

Flight Crew Promo 1 mpg

2015/04/16   -Promotion Video

2015/04/14 に公開

Double Dutch (Japan) Promotion Video


2015/04/06 に公開 大学生活最後のことりパフォーマンスです。 大会ではたくさんミスったので、ノーミス動画を撮りました。 なわとび大好きです!

Promotion Video

Moz Tigers Hora do treino

2015/02/27   -Promotion Video

2015/02/27 に公開 Este video tem como objectivo espandir o Rope Skipping, os Moz Tigers com esse video ...

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